TNK #02

Warning: the following content is a great opportunity to relax and float down stream.

18bis_wakinglife_01When it comes to animated feature films,¬†Waking Life¬†is one of our top picks. The movie directed by Richard Linklater uses rotoscoping as the main visual technique. The plot starts with a guy dropped off in a random location and getting hit by a car. That’s when our unnamed character begins a journey of discovery, constructed over a “melting” plot. A series of talks and dreams that recreate philosophical debates about multiple details of human existence. Everything delivered by amazing visuals. Definitely a must watch!

18bis_wakinglife_02 18bis_wakinglife_03



Ahoj sailors!

Dear friends and partners, welcome to our brand new blog. This will be an open space, dedicated to share our creative process, animation tests and things that inspire us. We’ll also provide some nice surprises along the journey, so stay tuned!

Sketchbooks are always handy to us. To fill them in, our first rule is: there are no rules! Come what may: drawings, cutouts, poetry or even overheard talks between strangers. It’s an unpretentious way to keep track of our creative surroundings. And to put our best foot forward, let’s start by sharing some spreads.