TNK #03


Ahoy! Are you ready to sail away? Get prepared, because the third pick of our TNK series will try to hypnotize you! The Gold Sparrow (12:49) is a fascinating animated short that has been featured in the most prestigious festivals around the world.

Director Daniel Stessen executed flawlessly the screenplay he created collaboratively with the musicians Joshua and Noah Lit. The synopsis is quite original: In a black-and-white futuristic metropolis the Gold Sparrow and her nefarious side kick steal the color from anyone daring enough to create art. Our three heroes perform in the streets as they are hunted, battling for their souls.


The rotoscope style animation used in the film is adorned with constant visual effects, which are crucial for the narrative. Audio effects also play an important role in this film with no voice over or dialogues.

Enjoy it in fullscreen, with headphones:


TNK #02

Warning: the following content is a great opportunity to relax and float down stream.

18bis_wakinglife_01When it comes to animated feature films, Waking Life is one of our top picks. The movie directed by Richard Linklater uses rotoscoping as the main visual technique. The plot starts with a guy dropped off in a random location and getting hit by a car. That’s when our unnamed character begins a journey of discovery, constructed over a “melting” plot. A series of talks and dreams that recreate philosophical debates about multiple details of human existence. Everything delivered by amazing visuals. Definitely a must watch!

18bis_wakinglife_02 18bis_wakinglife_03


TNK #01

Tomorrow Never Knows, one of our favorites Beatles songs, has some deep questions in its lyrics. Back in the sixties, the Fab Four already knew that everyone needs a break from reality from time to time. Inspired by their lines, in this new section we’ll suggest you to Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream.


Our first stress-relieving pill is the movie Le Mystère Picasso. Produced in 1956 by Henri-Georges Clouzot, this transfixing documentary offers inestimable glimpses of Pablo Picasso at work. Intriguingly, all of the featured masterpieces were intentionally destroyed after the production. Those who embark on this mysterious journey will be able to testify expressive works taking shape after the brush strokes of the master.

Are you curious yet? You can watch the entire movie in this link: